Terms & Conditions & Other Possible Charges

Our facility opening hours are Monday to Friday from 07.30am-16.30pm – Saturday’s 08.00am to 1300pm – Closed on Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s.
To respect our neighbours, we kindly ask that customers do not arrive at our facility before 07.30am Monday to Friday, or before 08.00am on Saturday’s.
A 5mph speed limited must be strictly adhered at all times within our facility. PPE or

All persons using our recycling facility must stop and check in at our main office/gate on arrival. Please do not enter our RECYCLING facility without authorisation by our office/gate personnel.
On arrival at our office/gate our waste personnel will: –
1. Visually inspect your load. After inspection our personnel will designate your inert waste for recyclability percentage, and/or for mixed waste segregation content, and a waste consignment note will be completed accordingly.
2. Or you will be asked what recycled product & quantity you wish to purchase, where an advice note will be completed accordingly.
Your representative will be asked to sign such consignment/advice note in agreement of such designation, volume, product, quantity and price.
You will thereafter be directed to a station number to tip your waste or collect your requested recycled product.
Please note: –
a) As our gate personnel in the main are only able to inspect the top of your load, we reserve the right after tipping to redesignate and reprice any load;
b) The recyclability percentage and/or segregation charge of any load can only be designated by our waste designation personnel. We cannot accept customer designations.

WEIGHBRIDGE: – At present no weighbridge is available at our facility, therefore all volumes/measurements will be approximate.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any asbestos is cleared before any waste arisings are presented for segregation or disposal at our facility.
If any hazardous and/or non-licensed asbestos waste i.e, corrugated roof sheeting, tiles, etc or any lookalike asbestos product is found/noted within any load presented, the whole load will be rejected. In the event of any non-licensed asbestos being discovered in any tipped load, a reloading charge of £50.00 and/or a sorting charge of £100.00 per cubic yard volume of the whole waste being presented will be levied, plus the disposal costs as priced/charged by DFI at such time.
In the event that any AIB type of asbestos is identified or if we are suspicious that any asbestos material may be AIB within any load present at our recycling facility, an asbestos licensed contractor will have to be brought in to safely deal with such, where in such event the total cost, which could run into many thousands of pounds will be the responsibility of you the customer.
2 WET PRODUCTS: – Please note that although some wastes presented can be deemed as recyclable in the dry, such very same/similar product designation may vary, as such on a different occasion may be wet, and may not be able to be screened.
The weight of a cubic yard of inert wastes may change according to moisture content usually accepted between summer and winter. Please also make sure that you take this into account when ordering your product. Our sales office can assist you with advice of cubic yard that is applicable to the GVW of your vehicle. Vehicle bodies or loads can be measured by request.
It is the responsibility of the driver/customer to ensure that you do not allow or overload the GVW of your vehicle.
When exiting our facility, you must exit using the wheel wash.

All persons must strictly adhere to our ‘General Site Safety Procedures’ at all times. Such are displayed in our gate reception/office.
We will not accept liability for any injury to any person not wearing full PPE or RPE (if applicable), or strictly adhering to all of our general site safety directives & procedures. Nor will we accept liability for any injury to persons standing outside of their vehicle cab, walking/standing within the working circumference of any machinery/vehicle whilst the operator/driver is in process of his work, or any persons walking over any waste material/recycled products or similar.

Recycled aggregates, soils & sands are recovered from mixed used products (not directly from virgin rock, sand or topsoil), therefore all recycled aggregates, soils, sands or bargain basement recycled materials may contain small stones/glass/tarmac or other contaminates. We cannot guarantee products are free from PH, pesticides, poisons, nor can we guarantee any standard of recommended chemical property, or can we accept any liability arising from such.
Please note that recycled aggregates are crushed granite, concrete, small traces of tarmac, brick and/or shale. Compaction or product strength cannot be guaranteed.

It must be clearly understood that it is the responsibility of the Hirer/Main Contractor to ensure that our driver/operator/vehicle whilst on their site are directed to their site safety procedures to ensure the health & safety of our staff, and other site users/personnel.
You must ensure that the area where you wish the lorry to operate or skip bin/hook box to be placed has sufficient safe working area around, the area is clear of overhead cables, equipment/tools etc, and the ground is suitable/safe for the weight and/or use of the HGV vehicles stabilising legs.
We will not be held responsible for any damage to site equipment, tools, property, cables, machinery or vehicles etc, whilst under the supervision of the main contractor/customer.
N.B. If our driver is directed/asked to undertake a task/job outside of our company duties towards assisting the Hirer or Main Contractor in their duties, any damages or injuries sustained by any accident by our employee will need to be covered under the Main Contractors insurance i.e., public liability up to £10 million.
We will not accept any liability for any injury to persons walking/standing within the working circumference of any skip/hook loader, tipper or hiab lorry, whilst the operator/driver is in process of his work/operation, nor injury to any person not wearing full PPE or RPE (if applicable).

3 We will not accept liability for injury to the Public or Main Contractor personnel if personnel stand in front of skip bin or hook box doors, when operating the access or trap doors.
We will not accept liability to personnel whilst the Hirer is using the skip bin/hook box. Many skip bins/hook boxes are moved on building sites by other machinery, which may cause jagged/sharp edges.
We will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Hirer through the breakdown or other contingency, and will not be liable for any damage to property, walls, manholes, cables and driveways in anyway whatsoever, as many sites/properties are restrictive, or not suitable to heavy vehicles. If you wish us to place a skip bin or hook box on block paving, tarmac or any type of driveway/garden, etc, please ensure that you place a protective covering or similar in the location you wish the skip bin/hook box to be placed. We cannot be held responsible for any damage.
The period of hire of vehicles or equipment commences from the time/date that the vehicle/skip/hook box leaves our facility/premises, and hire will terminate when vehicle returns to our facility/premises, or when the skip bin/hook box returns in good clean condition. The Hirer is responsible for any damage or loss of skip
bin/hook box whilst in their possession.
The Hirer is fully responsible when hiring skip bin/hook box for ensuring that the such container is not a danger to any other road user, for lighting of the skip bin/hook box at night, for sourcing and placing cones, and/or for gaining the consent from authorities of the Parish concerned to park the skip bin/hook box container(s) on Public Roads etc.
Please do not move any skip bin or hook box by hand, or by any other means that have been positioned by our delivery driver, as such may not be able to be collected safely by the collection driver. If any skip bin/hook box is moved on site from its delivery location, then we will not be liable for any damage caused in our attempts to collect the container.
If you chose to crane lift any skip bin, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused and/or injury to any person(s) for any equipment failure. If you do choose to use your hired skip bin for crane lifting, it is your responsibility to engage/employ a certified professional at your own expense to test & obtain lifting certification for any such skip bin.
Please do not overfill skip bins, hook boxes, tipper or hiab lorries. Skip bins & hook boxes are only to be filled to the level of the top of the container. Overloaded skip bins, hook boxes, tipper or hiab lorries, may not be transported/collected at the driver/operator’s discretion until some waste is removed.

Skip bin hook box delivery/collection movement hire charges are as our advertised prices, please see our dropdown prices page. We reserve the right to change the rate at any given time.

Length of skip bin or hook box Hire time: The first 14 days hire is inclusive of delivery and collection charges, however containers remaining on site for an excess of 14 days may be chargeable to the hirer at £1.00 per day for skip bins, and £10.00 per day for hook boxes; unless otherwise agreed.

Wait & load charges for any tipper, hiab, skip or hook loader vehicle will be charged at £15.00 per 15 minutes wait (minimum charge 15 minutes). Similarly, if a special price/rate has been agreed for any aggregate/soil delivered to your site and/or any waste collected from your site and our driver is held up waiting on site through no fault of our own, waiting charges as described above will be applicable.

You can hire skip bins and/or hook box containers to transport your asbestos/contaminated wastes. Please see our hazardous waste carriers licence skip bin & hook box prices.
Please visit the Department for Infrastructure’s (DFI) website for advice of correct presentation of your waste and disposal process.
Asbestos waste can only be accepted for disposal by DFI every other Wednesday, and you must book your waste for disposal via their website/portal. After booking you will receive a booking confirmation email stating your disposal date time. Please email a copy of your booking confirmation to skinnerstransport@gmail.com or accounts@skinnerskips.com so they can arrange your skip bin/hook box
transportation requirements for such date/time.
Asbestos contained within skip bins or hook boxes are to be stored on your site until disposal date. If your site is restrictive, subject to availability we can offer a minimal number of wait and loads on each disposal day. In addition to skip/hook box hire delivery/collection movement charges, wait and load charges will also be applicable (please see wait & load charges above).
Contaminated loads contained in skip bins are also to be stored on your site until your arranged disposal date with DFI. In exceptional cases, by arrangement only, we are able to offer storage of asbestos or contaminated within skip bins/hook boxes. Similarly, any skip bin/hook box containing contaminated waste allowed to be stored by DFI at La Collette will incur storage charges (please see storage charges below).
We are not responsible for incorrectly presented loads, incorrectly completed DFI booking forms, any testing/reports for contaminated waste and/or if DFI or their chosen subcontractor do not unload your asbestos or contaminated load on the date of disposal for whatever reason. Therefore, if any skip bin/hook box is detained or impounded by DFI or their chosen contractor or if any skip bin/hook box is required to be returned to your site awaiting booking forms to be correctly completed, and/or any waste to be correctly presented and/or retested, then further movement charges will be applicable, along with onsite hire/store charges of £15.00 per day for skip bins and £25.00 per day for hook boxes until the next disposal date.
We ask that all customers ensure that all their asbestos or contaminated waste is booked/charged to their own account at DFI. If you do not have an account or are unable to open an account at DFI, then we can charge your waste to our account, but we will need to hold a bond payment from your company per skip bin
of a minimum of £1,000.00 for licensed asbestos waste or £500.00 for non-licensed asbestos, or contaminated waste (P.O.A. for hook boxes), before we are able to deliver any container to your site. A 10% administration fee will be added to all DFI asbestos waste advertised tariffs for the use of our account.

If any skip bin/hook box is required to be stored at our facility awaiting the next asbestos disposal date, or results of tests/reports on contaminated waste; or awaiting acceptance from you of our quotation/charge applicable for your waste segregation, such storage will be charged at £15.00 per day for skip bin, or £25.00
per day for hook boxes. Further delivery/collection movement charges will also be levied to collect the skip bin/hook box from your site to bring such to our facility and also a further movement charge to transport the skip bin/hook box to La Collette on the designated tip day.
Similarly, any skip bin or hook box containing contaminated waste that DFI have allowed you to store La Collette and/or container that has been detained or impounded by DFI or their chosen contractor for any reason, such skip bin will incur a hire charge of £15.00 or hook box £25.00 per day.
If any container is required to be returned to your site awaiting either further segregation by you or your contractor, and/or whilst you await testing/reports, then further container movement delivery/collection charges will be applicable, along with the above daily container hire charges per day.

To avoid wasted time in loads being rejected at disposal/recycling facilities, if your load(s) are known by you to be of Inert/mixed waste content, please advise our transport office of such at the time of booking, or when the driver collects your waste, skip bin or hook box. If the driver/operator can clearly see the load is mixed

5 they will have to deem the only option in being able to dispose of your wastes is to take such directly to our licensed inert & mixed waste segregation/recycling facility, where charges (as advertised on our price dropdown page) will be applicable.
If your waste load is taken to DFI at La Collette or other outlet because our office and/or driver have been advised that the load is segregated clean waste, and where our driver/operator cannot see buried contaminants within the tipper or hiab body, skip bin or hook box load, which once tipped is determined by DFI or another outlet to include contaminants and is then rejected, then any DFI/other outlet reloading
charges and extra transport charges will be applicable.
In the scenario of any load being rejected at any facility, (i.e., reloading and re-transport time as described above) you will appreciate such increases further uncalculatable time and costs to our company than a fixed traditional transport single charge is expected to take, and which extra time costs will need to pass on to you the customer. You will appreciate that the downside is firstly a wasted trip and fixed charge to the disposal/recycling facility from your site, which you will be charged for at normal movement/hire price, but the time taken after you load has been tipped in being reloaded, and thereafter more re-transport costs will be incurred, as such load either needs to be returned to your premises/site for you to segregate, or alternatively such load will need to be taken to a waste segregation and recycling facility. Such scenario’s incurring extra time and transport costs on top of the fixed cost for the skip movement transport leg just undertaken will be charged at £50.00 per hour (pro-rated per part hour) from the time of arriving at La Collette/other outlet to the time of returning to your site, or to the waste segregation and recycling facility. To avoid all such scenarios and costs, we ask that if your skip bin or hook box waste is mixed, or contains any of the DFI considered contaminants, then please advise our office or the driver of such when arranging collection of the skip bin/hook box waste. Such will avoid the possible extra transport charges, as your waste can be taken straight to our recycling facility, which is able to deal with all types of inert/mixed wastes.
Similarly, if any waste load collected from your property/site is taken directly to DFI or any other waste outlet and found to include/contain any hazardous waste, asbestos waste and/or suspected asbestos waste, such outlet will need to bring in a licensed asbestos contractor to check and/or safely deal with such, where in such event the total cost levied by DFI or any other outlet, which could run into many thousands of pounds will be the responsibility of you the customer.
N.B. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that asbestos or any other contaminants are cleared before any waste arisings are presented for segregation or disposal.

Whilst diesel fuel prices remain above the £1.15 per litre mark, we have needed to introduce a fuel surcharge of £3.00 per hour on lorry &/or hiab hire and £3.00 per hook box transport movement. We are continuing to monitor fuel prices, and if there are any further increases, we reserve the right to review and increase our per hour and/or transport movement fuel surcharge. This said, it is however our intention to drop this fuel surcharge, if or when, fuel prices fall below the £1.15 per litre mark.

Payments can be made directly into our bank quoting your invoice number as payment reference:

Account Name: Holiday Tours Limited
Sort Code: 40-25-41
Account number: 61106252
We also accept payment by debit or credit card; however, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 2.5% for card payments above £200.00 to cover any credit/debit card cost charges. Please call our accounts department on 01534 499933 to make payment.
All cheque payments are to be made payable to W.P.Recycling.

6 All prices will be subject to GST (currently 5%). Payment is strictly within the terms described on your invoice, which is either within 15 or 30-days of invoice date or due on receipt. No discounts will be claimable or given on overdue invoices/accounts.
A 5% per month overdue interest charges may be added to all monthly invoices not paid within invoice payment terms requested to cover any bank interest charges. If in the event we do not receive payment in full for any invoice to the terms, we reserve the right to forward/transfer such debt onto our chosen debt collection agency, where in addition to our terms of 5% per month overdue being added to each outstanding balance, you will also be charged a £50.00 administration fee per invoice claim.

If we use our account with our suppliers to purchase aggregates, dispose of waste and/or for any other item on your behalf, you will be charged a 10% administration handling charge. If in the event you require copies of past statements, invoices, advice tickets, consignments note tickets and/or other waste outlet tickets in our
possession that are more than 3-months after invoice date; as such documentation will have already been archived, we will need to charge an administration fee of £50.00 per invoice full copy.

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